Sole che Sorge - Farm:

The "Sole che sorge" company was born in 2002, specialized in the production of plants and vegetables, which is sold at wholesale.

The farm has many greenhouses, extended 20.000 mq, , provided of an heating system and a control system of temperature, humidity and irrigation.

It avails itself of a electronic seeder, of "Urbinaty" company, which is able to seed more seeds in the same hole, and a mechanic stevedore.

Many headspaces, used for many varieties of vegetables, are made in styrofoam, with many types of holes.

Our seeds are selected through many careful researches, with a continous relationship with the most qualified seeder companies on the market, which always pledges quality, through more test searching news varieties, more resistent to the climate change, and to the insect's aggression, in the interest of the farmer.

Our employees always are at farmer's disposal, to led him in the best choice of the varieties more suitable for his production; as a matter of fact the results dipend from many factors, such as the composition of the acreage, the weather, the protection methods used to protect the cultivations, the topdressing etc.etc, which will influnce the final production.

Our staff is highly qualified to solve every necessity.

We have added the production of aromatic plants, at the mainly production, such as mint, rosemary, sage, thymus and oregano, in a 10 or 14 cm pot.

Our company has also saved one greenhouse only for the production of vegetables doomed to the biological farming; our control system is CCPB.

Another product is the Cynodon dactylon, propagated for plant cutting, in small bowl of 40 holes, finalised to the realization of field in private villa or public garden. This plant variety pledges an enduring effect because is strong to the foot traffic and high temperatures, and it can resist to a long period of drought( if it has more roots), and it's available to all varieties of acreage.

In addition, our farm has more contacts with other companies wich supply other varieties of field's seeds.

In 2008 we have invested on another sector, increasing the activity, with the launch of an Oil mill.

All the equipement , from Pieralisi company, are in continous cycle, and they have the capacity to work 4 tons per hour, with cold extration.

Oil is conserved in silos, where temperature is controlled, under nitrogen to mantain all the organoleptic peculiarity.

Our oil is 100% from italy, derived from italian selected olive, grinded during 24 hours from the harvest, only from sicylian varieties such as "Cerasola, Nocellara, Biancollila".

The same attention is dedicated to the choice for the oil "Solechesorge Bio".