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Balestrate, or rather Sicciara, as a town, made his first appearance in history in 1681, ie the year in which, on one side of the square St. Anna, James Santoro, the first sub-licensee of the land, built his dwelling, which was accessed, as now, through an arch, topped by his arms, which still exists as the shelves of the old interior balcony.

From past...

Around the square built other houses to give shelter and subsistence farmers who, until then, were forced, after a day's work in the countryside of Balestrate, to return in neighboring countries. Built above all, a church, which still exists, but restored in the last century from the foundation, to which he gave the name of St. Anne, patroness of women in labor, which is well suited to the creation of the new village.

To present!

Before then, the name of Balestrate (quantum a litore maris infra terram per jactum balistae protenderit…") obtained from an imaginary shot crossbow, he was referring to an ancient right in rem, established the 28/06/1307 by Frederick II 'Aragon, which was built in 1681 the new village.